One driver updater software that has a lot of drivers is Microsoft Windows. For Microsoft Windows computer systems, the Windows operating system underlies much of their functionality; these various functionalities are supported by different Microsoft drivers. It is, therefore, important that these drivers are kept up to date. Corrupt, out of date, or missing device drivers can manifest in several ways including, but not limited to:
  • The inability to connect to the internet caused by the failure of a network adapter driver
  • Blue screen of death which is when the computer crashes completely
  • External devices such as printers or speakers not working optimally
As stated earlier, the Microsoft Windows operating system has a lot of drivers; these drivers vary according to their function as well as the Microsoft operating system installed on the computer. For example, some drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 will vary from those of Windows 8, and these will vary from Microsoft 10 drivers. It's important to understand each type of driver to ensure you are getting the correct Microsoft Windows driver update software. Listed below are examples of some devices with drivers specific for the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  1. Mouse drivers
    • Microsoft Arc Mouse
    • Microsoft Classic Intellimouse
    • Microsoft Precision Mouse
    • Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
    • Wireless Mobile Mouse
  2. Keyboard drivers
    • Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID
    • Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000
    • Wedge Mobile Keyboard
    • Wireless Keyboard 2000
  3. Adapter drivers
    • Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter
  4. Webcam drivers
    • LifeCam Cinema
    • LifeCam Studio
    • LifeCam VX-1000
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